Comparing Two Raster Image Compression Plugins for Sketch App

Back in the early days, a Sketch designer typically had to export uncompressed PNG or JPG images from Sketch and then choose a means for compressing those files (if desired) using a 3rd party utility. This approach can add to the cumulative production time spent by a...

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Runner and Sketchpacks Compete to be the Next Sketch Toolbox

A while back, Sketch Toolbox was a handy way to  find and install Sketch plugins. However, an inability to track and manage available updates to individual plugins (plus a lack of updates to the Toolbox app itself) has made it feel like an abandoned project. Well...

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Sketch Hunt post to kick off 2017

I wrote a post on my Sketch Hunt blog. It has a brief summary of 2016 milestones for Sketch and other related design tools. I also share some thoughts about what might come our way in 2017. You can find it on Sketch Hunt, or see people's comments and...

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Looking ahead at Sketch and other design tools in 2017

2016 was a big year for Sketch, as well as the design and prototyping tools space in general. 2017 will be even bigger. For the past few years we've been transitioning from a period where pre-mobile-era tools were lagging behind modern design workflows, to now having...

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Now Part of The Amazing Team at Theresa Neil Strategy + Design

As of mid-March 2016, I've joined the UX Strategy and Design firm founded by my long-time colleague Theresa Neil. Time has been flying by and the projects, team and clients are wonderful. I plan to post more about the work we are doing. In the meantime, you can find...

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Pingup API for Chatbots and AI

Pingup recently shared some examples of how its appointments booking API could be used to power Conversational Commerce. Information was released at along with a new industry report: The Local Chatbot Disruption: The Upcoming Collision between Messaging and...

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