Now Part of The Amazing Team at Theresa Neil Strategy + Design

As of mid-March 2016, I’ve joined the UX Strategy and Design firm founded by my long-time colleague Theresa Neil. Time has been flying by and the projects, team and clients are wonderful.

I plan to post more about the work we are doing. In the meantime, you can find me collaborating (virtually and IRL) with a team of about 20 other experienced design pros, working on projects that require:

  • User Research
  • UX Strategy
  • UI & Visual Design
  • Prototypes & Demos

Pingup API for Chatbots and AI

Pingup recently shared some examples of how its appointments booking API could be used to power Conversational Commerce. Information was released at along with a new industry report: The Local Chatbot Disruption: The Upcoming Collision between Messaging and Local

Street Fight has published an article titled “Bot Local: Making Appointments Is Getting a Lot More Fun“, written by Rick Robinson. It covers Pingup’s solutions for powering conversational commerce. The piece includes an interview with Pingup CEO Mark Slater.


Pingup Powers “Book an Appointment” Features on YP

Pingup and YP partnership

Pingup has formally announced a deal with YP which expands Pingup’s publisher network and helps users that want to shorten the time between searching for a local business and making an appointment. YP will be the first local search publisher to offer Pingup’s real-time, in-context appointment scheduling capability across desktop, mobile and app.

Users of YP can now schedule appointments in real-time, with local businesses, using the “Book an Appointment” button found on business profiles and search results across YP’s website and native mobile apps.

For details, view the full press release – Pingup Expands Publisher Network with YP.

The ‘wear’ in wearables, stands for wear and tear


Casio Smart Outdoor Watch – WSD-F10. Source:

Those who understand that “wear” is a verb, will succeed in wearables

Companies, that are showing early success in wearables, address wear as a verb and make it the guiding principle of the holistic user experience for their products. This is why Apple Watch is getting critical feedback lately about needing to move Apple Watch marketing away from fitness and go all-in on the luxury, style and work/productivity markets. Read Cult of Mac’s article “Fitness apps are ruining the Apple Watch. Apple should scrap them.” for a thoughtful exploration of this argument.

Apple products don’t prioritize ‘wear’ as a verb, because Apple does not embrace a design philosophy that considers ‘wear and tear’. If they did, they’d design mobile and wearable products that survive real-world use vs. requiring a consumer to care for their devices as if they were a newborn baby. (more…)