Sketch version 47 is a significant milestone for the design app. It includes the first public release of the much-awaited “Libraries” feature. While other third-party tools have attempted to provide a way to centralize, share and update symbols and design assets, I for one was holding out for a native implementation and here it is.

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In addition, the update includes an implementation of  “Smooth Corners” (aka ‘squircle‘ used in icon shape for iOS apps etc.) previously only made possible by the Egmont Sketch plugin.

Here’s their official summary of other Enhancements:

  • Improved performance for shadows in complex documents
  • Improved performance when editing nested Symbols
  • Improved appearance of nested Symbols, Text Styles, and Shared Styles so that they’re no longer nested within superfluous submenus
  • The shortcut for inserting a new point mid-way between two existing points in the vector editor has changed from Command-click to Shift-click
  • The “iOS UI Design” document is now a built-in Library, updated for iOS 11 and iPhone X, and makes use of our new Smooth Corners feature
  • Individual layers can now be exported using the Command-E shortcut
  • Added Artboard presets for iPhone X and iPhone 8

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