Q: What happened to Sketch Hunt (sketchhunt.com)?
A: I’ve retired Sketch Hunt starting in 2018, in favor of my personal Twitter & Blog – please follow @jydesign and bookmark jydesign.com

My original impulse to maintain Sketch Hunt was to fill a void at that time. I saw an opportunity for sharing relevant news, resources and the op/ed content I enjoy writing on occasion. Kind of like a Macrumors.com for Sketch.

In a bit of a fluke, the blog gained traction for a good period of time thanks to being featured on Product Hunt, the very site it was intentionally riffing off of.

Sketch has since drastically improved its online resources for product-specific news, plugins, development, events, community, etc.

There is still an archive of notable cross-posts available in the Sketch Hunt Medium account.

I’ve seen the landscape evolve to include other amazing tools and services. Great things keep launching at a dizzying pace. I will now shift to using my personal blog and Twitter feed to share news, resources, and opinions on all sorts of things related to product design and development.

Thanks to anyone who followed my Sketch Hunt experiment.

Sketch Hunt is now back to @jydesign blog