Adobe’s Comet will collide with Earth some time in 2016

Designers, Competitors and Adobe have Time to Prepare

Adobe announced Project Comet, among with a lot of other interesting stuff, at their 2015 MAX conference on October 5. Depending on the types of tools you’ve been using recently, this news may mean different things for your workflow. For those who primarily use Adobe tools, Comet may look new to you. If you have been experimenting with the surprising number or new design, prototyping and interaction/animation tools that have risen in popularity over the past few years, you may see Comet as reactionary (but, perhaps compelling nonetheless).

Image Credit: (Note: image resized using Affinity Photo – to emphasize competitive pressure)

When Adobe announced artboards for Photoshop, there was a lot of talk about Adobe copying Sketch. This seems fair to say, however it also seems a little bombastic when you consider that Adobe Illustrator has had artboards for years. However, it’s clear that Sketch has become known for developing designs on artboards and easily exporting final artwork assets at various pixel densities. It’s success has also been buoyed by a growing ecosystem of independent plugins, UI Kits and other resources.

With the announcement and demo video for Comet, similar cries of ‘copying’ will continue as we notice familiar aspects of various prototyping and design tools in Comet. However, there were also some pretty cool things shown in the Comet demo that seemed ahead of the competition. For example the ease of mocking up repetitive data like lists and grids via Comet’s “Repeat Grid” tool. Continue Reading →

Experimental Network of Creative Resources Websites

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Sketch Hunt inspires 3 other sibling sites

Affinity Hunt, Principle Hunt and Prototyper Hunt

After the spike in interest for Sketch Hunt, I decided to continue the experimenting. I’ve launched three additional sibling sites. Each one offers niche content for designers and developers:

These sites let me share information about new products that I’m personally interested in. They also also served the purpose of being a side-project and exercise in branding. Continue Reading →

1 Week Later – Product Hunt offered great exposure for Sketch Hunt

It has been about a week since Sketch Hunt was featured on Product Hunt on Saturday morning of May 2nd. This was definitely an amazing boon for a fledgling site, as you’ll see below.

I launched Sketch Hunt as an experiment on April 14th with no special efforts to promote it, other than some personal tweets and links on this site. Therefore, Sketch Hunt had very little traffic in its first week of being live. On May 1st, Designer News linked to Sketch Hunt and a this caused a notable boost in traffic. However, the exposure on Product Hunt clearly provided a huge relative increase in attention.

Chart: Sketch Hunt relative traffic increase thanks to Product Hunt

Sketch Hunt – relative traffic increase thanks to Product Hunt

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Product Hunt features Sketch Hunt

I was sipping my coffee this morning and had the pleasant surprise of being alerted via Twitter that Sketch Hunt had been posted to Product Hunt. I’m encouraged to see a healthy number of visitors checking out the site, and even more excited to see some folks actually signing up and starting to contribute. Here’s how events unfolded on Twitter. Continue Reading →

Sketch Hunt project


In January of 2014, I created a simple blog page titled Sketch App – User Resources for Designers. As time has passed, this list has gotten longer and more challenging to keep up to date (and organized).

I had an idea that a “Product Hunt” style directory might be a more scalable – and fun – way to grow a list of useful sites, tools, plugins, etc.

Please check it out: Sketch Hunt Finding the best gems for users of Sketch app