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Our group at Pingup is hard at work on a number of things. Now and then we post articles covering technology trends relevant to our customers. Here’s a roundup of some recent blog entries:

BookNow by Pingup version 2 – API Showcase app for iOS

BookNow by Pingup v2 Showcase iOS App

BookNow by Pingup for iOS version 2.+ represents a major redesign. The app was built from the ground up, to show off the growing number of businesses available for real-time appointment booking via the Pingup API network.

This release features major UI enhancements and a streamlined booking process to act as a guidepost for consumer-facing publishers that plan to integrate with the Pingup API. BookNow is a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

The Pingup Booking API Has Launched

Pingup Booking API has launched

I’m excited to be able to share the new Pingup Booking API that we’ve been working on. Pingup’s REST API makes it easy for developers of mobile and web apps (such as local business listings directories, social or location-based networks, deal communities etc.) to add scheduling features to the business profiles that appear on their services. For example, a ‘consumer’ user of a mobile local guide app could view a profile for a salon and be able to instantly book an appointment for services with that business, right within the app. We’ve built some pretty sophisticated ‘plumbing’ to make this happen, by partnering and integrating with the top on-premise scheduling software companies. Check out for more information, or head on over to the Pingup Developers Website to explore the API.

Skip The Redundant Screens & Make My Car a Free Wifi Hotspot

While Apple CarPlay is interesting in that there will finally be an option to have true integration between an iPhone and “the built-in vehicle human machine interface“, I’ve always been leery of factory installed consumer technology hardware in automobiles.

Screens and 8 Track Tapes - partners in junk heaps

Whenever I see images like the one on top, I think about the image on the bottom #installedobsolescence

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Pingup Launches BookNow: New Mobile Booking App for Local Businesses

BookNow by Pingup mobile appointment scheduling app launched

So, here’s more news about what’s keeping me and my colleagues at Pingup happily busy. We’ve launched a new app called BookNow by Pingup. We are continuing to expand the number of local businesses you can schedule appointments with in real-time.