About Me

As a strategic-minded design and product leader, I bring decades of experience driving significant innovation and growth in the B2B and B2C sectors. I excel in leading cross-functional teams to deliver marketable solutions that harmoniously blend business objectives with desired customer and user outcomes.

I’m a Director of User Experience Design at the global enterprise financial services and healthcare operations company SS&C Technologies. My present focus is within the Health Solutions Technology for Payers and Providers group, with preceding responsibilities to the Institutional and Investment Management (I&IM) group.

I also contribute as an advisor to other groups, including our Artificial Intelligence (AI), Workflow & Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Enterprise Cloud Services, and Corporate Marketing teams.

James Young - design leader

Strategic Product Development Skills

Customer & User Research

Code-centric Design Systems

Business Model & Product Innovations

Heuristic Evaluation & Usability Testing

Collaorative Design Thinking & Prototyping

Agile Inspired Design-to-Development Approach

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Design Team Management

Track Record

I’ve worked as an individual contributor and a design leader across in-house teams and consultancies. I aim to inspire innovation, where business goals align with the customer’s desired outcomes.

My range of experience has cultivated an agile mindset of collaboration and results. I strive to work with diverse groups of talented people worldwide on initiatives that include: Research, Strategy, Ideation, Technical Exploration, Creative Problem Solving, and Design-to-Development Implementation.

I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from many amazing people at companies of all sizes and stages in the technology, finance, and healthcare sectors. Some are listed below.

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Agenda Hero
Carbon Design Systems
Center for Data Quality (C4DQ)
Commonwealth Capital
IHS Markit (formerly Global Insight)
InterSystems Corporation

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society®
Millennial Media
Monitor Group
National Fire Protection Association
Percussion Software
Pingup (patent co-inventor)
PopUp Play Inc.

RingMaster Software
Rum Bar Records
Seton Healthcare
Student Universe
Theresa Neil + Guidea
University Federal Credit Union
Unica Corporation
XL Capital