I collaborated with Jerry Lehane (The Dogmatics, Matweeds) and Lou Mansdorf (Rum Bar Records) on the CD packaging and marketing collateral for the first-ever release of the 1987 Fort Apache Studio session recordings of Matweeds. The lead track single “Stay” comes out Feb 3, 2023, and the entire seven song album will be available March 17, 2023.

“In 1987 rising from the ashes of The Dogmatics and Stranglehold. Jerry Lehane and Jim Keough inspired by the Faces, and the Mick Taylor Stones they would put together the boozy, bluesy, rocking punk orchestra, The MATWEEDS.

The Matweeds would proceed to blow the roof off every Northeast club opening up for the likes of The Ramones, SLF, and their pals the Neats. At the urging of their manager Jive King, the Matweeds would record at the legendary Fort Apache in Roxbury under the expert guidance of Paul Koldrie and Sean Slade. What we have here are the never released recordings.”

– Rum Bar Records

Matweeds CD package design samples