Our band Peter O’Halloran & The Hired Men has been playing in some shape or form since around 2008. We perform at a small number of live venues each year due to the varied personal lives of all the members. Therefore we’ve never had the opportunity to get into a studio to record anything properly (yet).

Our buddies at Rum Bar Records have been creative about releasing material from various artists in response to COVID-19. We hatched the idea of releasing some of our practice recordings captured over the years and were able to put it out there as a free download in the hopes of cheering folks up in these trying times.

The Hired Men 2015 at Beachcomber Quincy MA

The Hired Men at Beachcomber Quincy MA 2015 – R to L: Jimmy O’Halloran, Johnny Coe, Dan O’Halloran, Peter O’Halloran, J. Young, Marie Kettenring

Stream or download it on Rum Bar Records, and while you are at it check out all the other great bands on their label.