We’ve been working away on a number of efforts at Pingup and are now able to start sharing some of our high-level thinking in some recent blog posts. I wrote one that briefly describes our work toward creating a common UX for multiple types of ‘Scheduling’ activities. Here’s a snippet:

In looking at the challenge, we have been exploring how scheduling and transactional flows can be broken down into a series of similar high-level steps. While we realize that there will be nuances to the flows of different types of venues, our aim is to provide a consistent UX within our app for a variety of booking scenarios. Consistency doesn’t have to equal one-size-fits all, but the re-use of common UI patterns provides the benefit of familiarity. When our users open the Pingup app, scheduling a haircut, a dinner reservation or a mixed martial arts class should all have the same easy “feel”.

We are constantly refining our approach to helping users take immediate action, but here’s our current take. There are essentially 5 major steps as illustrated in this early App flow diagram.

Finding UX Commonalities in Scheduling Flows

Read the entire article, titled “One Scheduling Flow to Rule Them All” on the Pingup Blog…