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Pingup recently shared some examples of how its appointments booking API could be used to power Conversational Commerce. Information was released at along with a new industry report: The Local Chatbot Disruption: The Upcoming Collision between Messaging and Local

Street Fight has published an article titled “Bot Local: Making Appointments Is Getting a Lot More Fun“, written by Rick Robinson. It covers Pingup’s solutions for powering conversational commerce. The piece includes an interview with Pingup CEO Mark Slater.

Booking via Messaging Bot Concept“Backed by patents that relate to conversational commerce, Pingup is bringing its API-powered live booking capability to “a broader range of leading-edge consumer interfaces and platforms,” the company has said. This means “Pingup-powered bots” (across new AI, messaging and bot platforms) will give consumers the power to book and confirm appointments in real time with “tens of thousands of local businesses across the U.S.”