Safari Resources

Maximize to Full Screen

While Apple offers “Full-screen” mode in Safari with Mac OS X, it’s still not easy to “maximize” the browser window in regular screen mode. Here are some resources that help with that.

Magnet App for Mac

Magnet is a Window Manager app for Mac OS, that has the added benefit of including a shortcut that  can “Maximize” any standard Mac window – this includes Safari. So, if you are willing to pay a small amount of money, you’ll get a cool all around app too:

Resize Window extensionMagnet – keeps your workspace organized
Activated by dragging, customizable keyboard shortcuts or via Menu bar, Magnet declutters your screen by snapping windows into organized tiles.

Browser Extensions That Do the Trick

Resize Window extensionResize Window
Resize Window adds a single button to your Safari toolbar that will resize your browser window to a specific size with a single click. Maximize or select from a myriad of preset pixel sizes.

ResizeMe extensionResizeMe
This extension adds a toolbar that allows you to resize the Safari window to six different sizes, including full screen.

ResponsiveResize extensionResponsiveResize
The ResponsiveResize Safari Extension lets you resize the browser window with pixel precision as an aid to building responsive websites.

Website-based Option

A website that offers multiple presets, along with a custom size feature, that will trigger the resizing of your browser window(s).

More Extensions

Apple features other helpful extension in their Safari Extensions Category in the macOS App Store.

Looking for “Full Screen” & maximizing browser alternatives?

You may wish to consider one of these other Mac browsers:

  • Download Free Google Chrome Browser
    (To maximize: hold down Shift+Option+CMD and click the green “+” icon in upper left of browser window)
  • Download Free Firefox Browser or Firefox Developer Edition
    (To maximize: hold down Shift+Option+CMD and click the green “+” icon in upper left of browser window)
  • Download Free Opera Browser
    (To maximize: hold down Shift+Option+CMD and click the green “+” icon in upper left of browser window)

Other Third Party Add-ons for Safari

This is just a small sampling of the useful Safari extensions out there…

  • AdBlock banishes all ads on all web pages. Once you install AdBlock, you’ll immediately see the results. Visit your favorite websites and watch as ads disappear.
  • 1Password (Mac OS X App and companion iOS App for iPhone and iPad) 1Password creates strong, unique passwords for all of your sites and logs you in with a single tap. It’s simple, convenient security.
  • 1-Click Weather for Safari Officially brought to you by the Weather Channel, this extension lets you view the current temperature and weather conditions right in your Safari toolbar.
  • OpenSearch for Safari Extends Safari so you can search on even more sites without leaving the current page or tab with one click or keyboard only.
  • Safari Currency Converter automatically converts prices in a webpage to the currency that you select in the Extension Preferences, and uses the current exchange rate.
  • DuckDuckGo for Safari extension gives easy access to this privacy-centric search engine.
  • Firebug Lite for Safari helps you develop and debug HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  • Yout Record MP3s from YouTube
  • Widgets Bar is a Safari extension that lets you see the current weather, an RSS ticker, a world clock, and today’s date — all in one convenient toolbar.
  • Minimal Status Bar – This is an extension to provide a minimal status bar for Safari. It also has built-in longurl support to convert those pesky and opaque short urls to long ones again.
  • NoMoreiTunes – Preventing iTunes Preview and App Store pages in Safari from launching iTunes since 2010. This extension gives you the freedom to launch iTunes only when you need it.
  • TranslateMe allows you to simply select some text in the Safari browser, press T, and read the translation in popup panel. You can translate single words, sentences, and the whole page. You can also listen to the original words with a single click.
  • DisableGoogleRedirect – This Safari Extension prevents Google from changing the URL so you can directly access and copy it without Google redirection.
  • Scroll2Top adds a button to the Safari toolbar that facilitates quickly scrolling to the top (or bottom) of any website.
  • Delay is a productivity Safari extension that delays the loading of time-wasting websites. Define your own blacklist of hostnames to delay, and set a number of seconds to wait before loading a blacklisted site.
  • Finance Toolbar extension adds a toolbar below Safari’s unified search field, which shows you the latest stock quotes in a dynamic scrolling bar. It’s a real-time stock ticker for your browser.
  • Cinch gives you simple, mouse-driven window management by defining the left, right, and top edges of your screen as ‘hot zones’. Drag to right or left for side-by-side (splitscreen), or Drag to top to make the window fill the entire screen (fullscreen).
  • SafariStand is An InputManager plugin that adds various useful functionality, such as bookmark/history searching, thumbnail tab sidebar, view related cookies/css/images for a site.
  • Safari140 – post directly to Twitter from safari, it auto-fills and auto-shortens URLs
  • Web Snapper lets you capture web pages – exactly as they appear in your browser. You can send them to a file, as images or vector-based, multi-page PDFs.
  • The Safari Microformats plugin notifies you when the author of the website has published Microformats and allows you to easily import hCards and hCalendars in Address Book and iCal.
  • BookMacster, the Bookmarks Master for your Mac, does it all.
  • URL Manager Pro offers you an array of powerful features for collecting, manipulating, and using large collections of URLs. Not just URLs of Web pages, but also the URLs of email addresses, newservers, FTP sites, Telnet hosts, and more.
  • shutup.css is a custom user stylesheet that can be applied to your browser to hide comments on many popular web sites without user intervention.
  • Videobox allows you to quickly and easily download Flash video from most all of the popular video sites on the internet. Videobox will convert the video into a native Quicktime format so it’s ready to view on your Mac, iPod, iPhone or iTunes.
  • Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of webpages. It uses the WebKit framework, so captures will look like page views in Safari.