AI Image Generation Tools Roundup

AI Image Generation Tools Roundup

AI Image Generators Introduce New Creative Possibilities

Updated September 16, 2021.

Artificial Intelligence or AI Image Generators are a nascent technology that is rapidly evolving. Multiple initiatives are competing to mature their capabilities and capture market and mindshare.

Below is my ongoing attempt to round up the notable players in this space, along with some useful utilities and helpful resources.

DALL-E 2 website explanation example

DALL-E 2 explanation from their website

There’s a lot of great content already out there to be searched for and consumed. I’m not attempting to compete with that here. In addition, the Discord channels for the actual AI technology companies themselves offer a treasure trove of information and community support.

Let me know if I missed any resources that belong on this list.



See some of the images that I’ve created while experimenting with multiple AI image generators.

I created the top-most illustration with Midjourney, using the prompt “an artist telling a Robot what to draw, 50’s era, bold, graphic, colors, futuristic”

Design & Business Podcasts Roundup

Design & Business Podcasts Roundup

Here’s a roundup list of some of my favorite podcasts with a focus on topics of design, product development, business strategy, and tech news – a Podstack so to speak.

Podcasts deliver on the promise of the internet in a way that many other resources don’t. Up until recently, they had been a shining example of open, accessible, and decentralized content (this is changing, and that may not be a good thing but that’s a discussion for later).

Here’s a continually updated list of Podcasts that I frequent. Many are design and technology-focused, but not all. I’m always interested in learning about new Podcasts so please get in touch or Tweet at me with suggestions.

I’ve attempted to link to the publisher’s main website so that you can decide how and where to subscribe via your favorite Podcast player service.

Illustration: podcast by achmad mulyana from the Noun Project

Physical & Digital Product Mockup Tools

Physical & Digital Product Mockup Tools

Updated April 29, 2021. See this twitter thread for details.

Not long ago, it was somewhat challenging to create simulated renderings of product mockups.

For example, visualizing what a cool new app would look like on an iPhone 3G or what your branding campaign might look like across mugs, boxes, apparel and more. Eventually, things got easier thanks to Adobe Photoshop (PSD) templates for static images and other video solutions.

Well, such design tasks have gotten even simpler thanks to a growing batch of apps that streamline workflows and offer powerful new layout features. This roundup of relatively new tools now makes the task of creating mockups for software and physical merchandise ridiculously easy.

Here are some notable characteristics of these modern solutions

  • Many are web apps
  • They include a library of different product mockups
  • There’s a variety of digital devices alongside packaging or clothing imagery
  • Some are for still images, while others offer motion
  • Some offer easy sharing or even team collaboration features

Let me know if I missed any apps that belong on this list.

Illustrations: Smile by AomAm, t-shirt by Kmg Design, application by Three Six Five, Package by Eucalyp, and Laptop by Visual Glow from the Noun Project

Chatbot & Voice Interface Tools Roundup

Chatbot & Voice Interface Tools Roundup

Updated January 2, 2021. See this twitter thread for details.

Love them or not – chatbots, virtual assistants and other Conversational Interfaces (CUIs) are out there. Some are finding traction where use cases emerge that can unlock their potential.

Here’s a roundup of tools that cover everything from simple prototypes, to #nocode implementations, to development platforms for rolling out sophisticated and secure Enterprise-grade CUIs for both voice and chat.

Illustration: chat bot by Souvik Bhattacharjee from the Noun Project

Web Browsers for Responsive Front-End Development & Testing

Web Browsers for Responsive Front-End Development & Testing

Updated January 14, 2021. See this twitter thread for details.

Several Web Browser apps want to make it easier for people & teams to test and develop Responsive Websites and Web applications iteratively.

These apps are different from services that offer static screen captures of web pages across various popular browser versions and operating systems. Such browser snapshot services have been around for a while and are certainly a helpful tool – especially when trying to do QA for legacy browsers that you plan to support.

In contrast, these specialized Web Browser DevTools focus on allowing Front-end devs to see a realtime synchronized view of responsive web content scrolling within multiple viewport ‘panes’ simultaneously.

This approach enables a website builder to review and compare the same design across various screen dimensions. Scanning multiple renderings all at once can help a developer iteratively fine-tune their layout to perform well on different device sizes.

While this multi-view in a single app approach may never truly replicate testing on the native target devices, such a browser can help you improve your coded results much quicker than a device lab alone.

Here’s a roundup of these unique web content viewing solutions.


Blisk is the first developer-oriented browser. It provides businesses with a development workspace for the teams and freelancers to develop and test modern web applications twice faster.”

Emmet Re:view

Emmet Re:view “A browser extension for displaying responsive web-pages in a side-by-side views to quickly test how it looks at different resolutions and devices.”

LT Browser by LambdaTest

LT Browser “Perform free automated and live interactive cross browser testing on 2000+ real browsers and real devices online.”


Polypane “Improve your web dev workflow. All the tools you need to build responsive, accessible and performant sites five times faster.”

Responsively App

Responsively App “A dev-tool that helps with faster responsive web apps development. A must-have tool for all web developers. Free and Open Source!”


Sizzy “The browser for developers. Stop wasting time and speed up your development workflow.”

Here’s a copy of this list in an Airtable database that you can bookmark, follow or copy. If I missed any, please let me know or reply to this Twitter thread.

Video, Conference, Chat & Collaboration Tools Roundup

Video, Conference, Chat & Collaboration Tools Roundup

Updated November 1, 2021. See this twitter thread for details.

Yes, there are alternatives to Zoom

I often joke that people spend the first few minutes of any online meeting discussing usability oddities of the collaboration tool itself. There are many solutions out there for online meetings, video conferencing, chat, and other modes of collaboration.

The myriad of challenges presented by COVID-19 has spotlighted technologies that enable remote, distributed, synchronous, and asynchronous communications for groups of people in both personal and business contexts.

Some features found across these various solutions include:

  • Video conferencing for personal groups or work teams
  • Webinars and Events
  • Education and classes
  • Chat messaging
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Enhanced security options
  • Custom hardware plus software solutions

The Airtable list below compiles solutions ranging from simple consumer software products, to open source initiatives, to enterprise-grade and hardware integrated solutions.

If I missed anything, please get in touch via email or on Twitter.

Curious About The Broader Community Ecosystem?

If you are thinking beyond video and chat services for your team or work, here’s a list covering the larger spectrum of Community management and events tools.

Illustration: Video Conference by supalerk laipawat from the Noun Project