AI Image Generators Introduce New Creative Possibilities

Updated December 24, 2021.

Artificial Intelligence or AI Image Generators are a nascent technology that is rapidly evolving. Multiple initiatives are competing to mature their capabilities and capture market and mindshare.

Below is my ongoing attempt to round up the notable players in this space, along with some useful utilities and helpful resources.

DALL-E 2 website explanation example

DALL-E 2 explanation from their website

There’s a lot of great content already out there to be searched for and consumed. I’m not attempting to compete with that here. In addition, the Discord channels for the actual AI technology companies themselves offer a treasure trove of information and community support.

Let me know if I missed any resources that belong on this list.



See some of the images that I’ve created while experimenting with multiple AI image generators.

I created the top-most illustration with Midjourney, using the prompt “an artist telling a Robot what to draw, 50’s era, bold, graphic, colors, futuristic”

The Bigger Picture

See the December 2022 report from Antler, Mapping the Generative AI landscape.