Updated April 29, 2021. See this twitter thread for details.

Not long ago, it was somewhat challenging to create simulated renderings of product mockups.

For example, visualizing what a cool new app would look like on an iPhone 3G or what your branding campaign might look like across mugs, boxes, apparel and more. Eventually, things got easier thanks to Adobe Photoshop (PSD) templates for static images and other video solutions.

Well, such design tasks have gotten even simpler thanks to a growing batch of apps that streamline workflows and offer powerful new layout features. This roundup of relatively new tools now makes the task of creating mockups for software and physical merchandise ridiculously easy.

Here are some notable characteristics of these modern solutions

  • Many are web apps
  • They include a library of different product mockups
  • There’s a variety of digital devices alongside packaging or clothing imagery
  • Some are for still images, while others offer motion
  • Some offer easy sharing or even team collaboration features

Let me know if I missed any apps that belong on this list.

Illustrations: Smile by AomAm, t-shirt by Kmg Design, application by Three Six Five, Package by Eucalyp, and Laptop by Visual Glow from the Noun Project